Daniel Clark was typical American high school student when he started making money with binary options. We interviewed him about his amazing story and he revealed his steps for success.

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Using technology to beat the market. How people are getting rich by using 'bots' to make them money while they sleep...

Is it possible to beat the stock market? A tech savy college dropout may have cracked the code to building wealth by letting computers do all the work for you.

Daniel Clark was typical average American high school student. He graduated from Eleanor Roosevelt High School with plans on going to Columbia University. Soon after highschool Daniel dropped everything to become a day trader.

“My parents were outraged that I didn't want to go to college anymore and that I wanted to become a day trader”. Daniel says his parents were one week away from kicking him out of the house, when he showed them his bank account. “There was over $830,000 in my account at the time. My parents couldn't believe it. They thought I stole the money!”.

After explaining how Daniel had been day trading for the past 6 months to make that money, his parents reluctantly agreed to let Daniel continue what he was doing, but things didn't work out he would have to go back to college.

It only took another 2 months to convince Daniels parents this was real. “At 19 I was a millionaire. It was a surreal feeling seeing that much money in my bank account. It was a dream come true”.

Now 5 years later, Daniel currently has his own team (mostly close friends) working from a swank office building in Manhattan. He's making more money than he ever dreamed of having and is enjoying life to the fullest. So how did he do it?

“It's very rare for a day trader to be consistently successful. It can be very stressful and one wrong move could wipe you out and beat you down mentally”. So what was Daniels trick to beating the market time and time again? “Take out human emotion”.

Daniel claims the reason a majority of day traders fail is because of human emotion. “People can go on tilt (poker term meaning the player gets frustrated and often overly aggressive) and lose a lot of money chasing losses”.

The way Daniel counters this is to never trade at all. He lets his computer do all the trading. He programed his computer to trade for him. He calls his program BancBot because Daniels program focuses on binary options. “Binary Options is like Forex but much much easier. I just watch as my account grows day by day”.

How does it work?

“What BancBot is doing – is just copying profitable market deals. Usually around 60% of trades performed by BancBot are successful. Yes, sometimes even robots fail and BancBot is not an exception.”

If you lose the robot increases the next deal in the amount of your loss.

Look at that amazing screenshot from BancBot below:

It seems to have paid off for Daniel. BancBot has proven to be very profitable for Daniel who is now a multi-millionaire at 24. “If a college dropout like me can make it as a day trader, then anyone can. You just can't be afraid to take action”.

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